The Egg

The colorful wrapper. The chocolate. The white filling. The yellow yolk.

Furrylittlegnome just sampled her first Cadbury Creme Egg of the year. It was good; however, the taste was a little different. She looked at the tinfoil and noticed that her delicious creme egg was actually made in Canada and distributed by Hershey’s – not in Birmingham, England like she presumed.

You see, the last time furrylittlegnome had one (or a few) of these tasty treats was in England – home of the Cadbury name. Furrylittlegnome was amazed by the taste and texture of the creme egg; which incidentally, hit store shelves in the 1970s. It was not overly sweet and the “yolk” was creamier and not runny like its North American counterpart.

After doing some research, it is true, folks. These delectable Cadbury Creme Eggs are made in the UK and in Canada. For American gnomes, we receive the Canadian eggs. And, by all accounts, there seems to be variations in the recipe at each plant. Perhaps the UK creme eggs use vegetable oil and a higher content of milk fat?

No matter what the ingredients may be, enjoy! We’ll only be able to get our hands on these puppies for another six weeks!

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4 Responses to The Egg

  1. furrylittlegnome, i happened upon chocolate cadbury creme eggs at my local walgreens. Have you tried them?

  2. blade3colorado says:

    It’s ironic that I was just responding to someone on my blog about going on a chocolate binge a few minutes ago and here I read your post. Too funny. Good post!

  3. Thanks! Cadbury Creme Eggs are everywhere this time of year 🙂

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