It’s Valentine’s Day!

February 14th.
The day is half over, and the furrylittlegnome has opened her cards, inhaled two red-velvet cupcakes, an assortment of chocolates and there are cookies to be had later.  Her office is a sea of red – riduculous sweaters and decorations.

Has this day lost all meaning?  It is supposed to be a romantic holiday, but by all accounts, it has, indeed, become a highly commercialized day where one is expected to buy cards, candy and flowers for basically anyone you know.  And, furrylittlegnome is just as guilty as the next gnome partaking in it! 

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One Response to It’s Valentine’s Day!

  1. FF says:

    Although I do agree with you Gnome that it has become very commercialized, we don’t have to buy into it. I like to use the day to celebrate all the ones that I love – and try not to go over the top. Plus – any holiday that there are cookies, cakes and chocolates around is ok with me!

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