Gum Drops

gum dropsFor most of her life, the furrylittlegnome has not been a fan of gum drops.  There is no particular reason.  She just knows that whenever she had a slice of cake in the shape of an Easter bunny as a child, she made sure not to take a piece that had a gum drop eye.  Or, whenever she was involved in making or eating a gingerbread house during the holidays, the furrylittlegnome stayed clear of the colorful decorations.

But, why?  Gum drops recently made their way back into the furrylittlegnome’s life, and she can’t get enough of them!  The sugar.  The spice.  The colors.  According to the folks over at Wikipedia, the gum drop “color/flavor code is generally as follows [but varies by manufacturer]: orange is clove,  yellow is allspice, red is cinnamon, green is spearmint, purple is cardamom, white is wintergreen or peppermint, and black is licorice.”

For the record, the white and green ones are the furrylittlegnome’s favorite.

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2 Responses to Gum Drops

  1. FF says:

    There is something about the consistency of them that I don’t like. I am also not a fan of the “spice” taste. Bradley however is quite a fan and I believe his favorites are the black ones. He loves the licorice! I am happy to hear that they make you so happy!

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