Chicken Pot Pies and More

Those who know the furrylittlegnome are all too familiar with her picky eating habits and her lack of excitement over food.  Luckily, there is a store not too far away that caters to gnomes just like her!   Henry’s, located in Beverly, Massachusetts, is not your typical grocery store.  It’s small and family owned.   Heck, brown paper bags are still used and employees still cart your groceries out to your car for you!  But most of all, Henry’s has something that most grocers lack:  a fantastic prepared foods section!

Prepared foods selection at Henrys

Henry’s has a large portion of the store dedicated to prepared meals and sides. From homemade individual turkey dinners (including all of the fixings) to homemade macaroni and chicken salads in different sizes, Henry’s has it all!

My favorite and the favorite of many other customers are the chicken pot pies!  In more than two sizes, (the individual size is perfect for one!),  these pot pies are full of chicken, peas and carrots.  It is comfort food you’d want to have on a cold, New England winter’s evening.   You can’t buy just one – which is why furrylittlegnome returns to Boston with more than two dozen of them for various people in her circle.

Other favorite prepared items of the furrylittlegnome include :  macaroni salad, chicken salad, knot rolls, ham & cheese quiche, lasagna, American chop suey and stuffed chicken breasts.

So, please, go up to the North Shore and give Henry’s a try.  If chicken pot pies aren’t your thing, then try a turkey pot pie or even a beef pot pie.  You won’t be steered wrong!

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1 Response to Chicken Pot Pies and More

  1. FF says:

    It’s no Chick-fil-A – but it sounds delicious!

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