What is a Family Friend?

Family Friend.

What exactly is one?  Is it simply a friend of your family?  And, how does a family friend differ from a regular friend?   Is more or less expected from a family friend?  Just how many family friends can one have?  When I am introducing a family friend or talking about a family friend, why do I always refer to him/her as a family friend and not just a friend?

I can honestly say I have just a few people in my life who I refer to as family friends – and they know who they are.   Could it be that they are just very good friends I have known for most of my life?  Or, because there is a family connection, are they people who I should put into a special category?

I was recently pondering all of these questions when one of my “family friends” said to me that more is definitely expected from a family friend.  I guess she is right.  It’s like being family without actually being part of the family.   A family friend can be brutally honest but also your biggest fan.  When the chips are down, it’s the family friend who swoops in to make it all better.  Or, when you need a laugh, you got it, it’s the family friend who acts like a complete fool just to put a smile on your face.

Do you agree, or should the “family” be removed from these rare gems in your life?

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1 Response to What is a Family Friend?

  1. FF says:

    I can only speak for myself but I consider my “family friend” my family. The one I have is pretty special. How many family friends do you have Furry Little Gnome? Nice post by the way!

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